How to reach it

You can easily reach Zakynthos from the port of Killini on the western side of Peloponnese, within an one-hour trip. During summer, you can also reach Kefalonia from Zakynthos within one hour and a half. These ferries depart from Pessada port to arrive at the port of Schinari

Zakynthos International Airport “Dionysios Solomos” receives domestic flights from Athens and Kefalonia all year round. During summer, it also receives flights from numerous locations around Europe. The flight time from Athens to Zakynthos is about 45 minutes.
The airport is located about 5 km from Zakynthos Town and other popular locations, like Laganas, Tsilivi and Kalamaki, so it is better to take a taxi and reach your destination easily and quickly.

Coordinates: 37°48′N 20°45′E

Region: Peloponnese

Capital: Zakynthos

Area: 400 km2 

Peak: Vrachionas 756m

Main Port: Zakynthos & Ag. Nikoloas

Airport: Zakynthos ZTH


Zakynthos is not only breath-taking beaches and sea, but coming into contact with a history full of charm and suggestions, which has its roots in classical mythology. In fact, legend has it that in ancient times on the pleasant shores of this island both Artemis, goddess of hunting, and her brother Apollo used to entertain themselves and that it was founded by Zakynthos, son of Dardano, king of Troy. the original inhabitants of the island were Achaeans. Subsequently, Zakynthos was conquered by Arkesios of Kefalonia, grandfather of Ulysses, in fact Homer describes it to us as an island belonging to the kingdom of Odysseus, rich in forests, thriving in trade and maritime traffic. Under Ulysses it participated with twelve ships in the Trojan war and after the return home and the massacre of the suitors (including twenty young people from Zakynthos), the island experienced a long period of peace and prosperity. and participated in the most important wars of Greece, such as the Persian Wars (500 – 448 BC), in which he allied himself with Sparta, and the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC), which was unexpectedly fought alongside the Athenians. In the third century. B.C. it fell first under Macedonian rule and then under Roman rule. In 1194 a first Venetian naval base was established here, a city that practically reigned sovereign over Zakynthos for almost 6 centuries, until the Treaty of Campoformio in 1797, with which it passed to the Eptanese government, a French puppet state. at first the Italian occupation, then the Nazi one and, finally, it finally became part of the nascent Greek republic. Unfortunately, of the rich and intense history of Zakynthos and the various dominations, very little remains to be seen since in 1953 the island was hit by a very strong earthquake that almost completely destroyed it.

Where to Sleep

Zakynthos is a touristic island, so it is very important to know the kind of holidays you wish to enjoy to do not get in the chaotic life in case you wish relax. The island offers any kind of accommodation as studios, apartments, villas, all inclusive village, hotels, resorts & camping.

Beach Lovers: for all the beach lovers the island offers amazing beaches all around, the more quite are Tsivili & Psarou, if you are looking for night life so the right one is Laganas or just few km far Alikanas

Properties Travellers Love

Things to see/do

Beaches: At north of the city are the beaches of Kryoneri and Planos-Tsilivi. On the western coasts, where the bays of Exo Chora and Vromi or Porto Vromi are formed, there is the famous and award-winning wreck beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. On the northeastern beaches you can enjoy the sea in Agia Ekaterini, Alikanàs, Alykes, Agia Kyriaki, Makrys Yalos, Agios Nikolaos.

Villages: Zakynthos is the capital of the island and it has been almost completely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953. You can visit the church of Aghios Dionysos which, together with the Venetian castle, survived the earthquake. Keri Isolated panoramic village 200 meters above the sea with the beautiful church of Panagia Keriotissa. The view, near the lighthouse, sweeps over two huge pale rocks that emerge from the sea like two pyramids. In the area there is also the Keri cave which can be visited by sea.

Activities: In the waters surrounding the beaches of Laganas it is not so uncommon to see turtles swimming freely in the sea and if you are lucky you can also swim with them: an exciting experience that will undoubtedly remain in your heart for many years. Blue Caves, an unmissable stop on every boat trip on the island: it is a series of caves on the north-west side of the island, from Agios Nikolaos to Capo Skinari: some of these can be crossed by boat, others can be only explored by experienced divers and swimmers. The excursion to the Shipwreck Beach and the Marine Park of Zakynthos.